Monday, June 26, 2017
Enriching the lives of seniors


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Kathy Neville

  Director of Activities & Volunteers   301-671-5006

Deborah Haviland

  Director of Community Development   301-671-5038

Kelly Stiles

  Director of Social Services   301-671-5056

Heather Barnes

  Director of Accounting   301-671-5000

Gary Heishman

  Director of Plant Operations   301-671-5012

Corey Weitzel

  Director of Dietary Services   301-671-5010

Cassie Weaver

  Director of Assisted Living   301-671-5013

Rev. Twyla Rowe

  Director of Pastoral Care/Chaplain   301-671-5008

Julia McGlaughlin

  Director of Nursing   301-671-5025

Laura Cheung

  Assistant Director of Nursing   301-671-5030

Shelly Beatty

  Director of Admissions   301-671-5015

Katrina Graham

Corporate  Board Secretary   301-671-5007

Barb Foster

  HR Director   301-671-5014

Debra Anthony

  Director of Home Based Community Programs   301-671-5019

Nick Geier

  Director of Fund Development   301-671-5180

Heather Stevens

  Director of Rehab Services   301-671-5040