Meet Julia McGlaughlin-Wiles, Administrator

Picture It. Boonsboro 2021. Harry, Ron, and Hermione walk into Fahrney Keedy –


Let’s try this again.

*clears throat*

At some point, we’ve all wished we could have magical powers. The high flying, spell casting, potion making kind. We’ve all read the books as a kid where some kind of evil threatens to take over the town and some kind of magical creature has to drop what they’re doing and fight them off so that everyone can sleep peacefully, knowing they’re safe. As you get older, you start to understand that magical creatures do not exist in the physical world. But, what if they did? Better yet, what if they already do?

Nurses. Think about how many times nurses are asked why they chose their profession and they’ve answered with a simple “it was just a calling”. When there is an emergency, they have to drop everything they are doing to fight off the infection that is taking over the town of Your Body, so you can sleep peacefully at night. Delivering medication is not quite the same thing as potion making but one still has to have to knowledge of science and how chemicals will react with each other. Spells are usually written in a language difficult to pronounce. Have you ever tried to pronounce medical terminology or tried to decipher a doctor’s handwriting? And if you are of the opinion that humans can’t actually fly, you’ve clearly never seen a nurse round a corner during a Code situation.

Nurses make magic happen everyday. They can stop bleeding, make a pain go away, and get a human being to breathe again. And in the midst of a global pandemic, with an angry virus in the air, they are closest thing we have to a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Many of our residents experience the magic our nurses possess every day. But, what about the individual managing the team of nurses? What about the training it takes to become an Administrator in addition to managing a clinical staff? What is all of that like? Who is Mr. Levi Butters and why is he so cute? (Find that answer below!)

Every week, we will be highlighting a member of the Fahrney Keedy Family to learn a little bit more about their life and career. They will be offering a unique perspective on their role as well as advice for those considering a career in senior living.

This week, we get a snapshot into the life and career of Julia McGlaughlin-Wiles, Executive Director of Clinical Services & Administrator In Training:

Where did you go to school? What was your major? “I went to Hagerstown Community College for my pre-requisites because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, and I had a scholarship there to play softball. I knew I wanted to serve people somehow though. My mom, who was an LPN inspired me to get my LPN at Wilson College, and then I went to Mountain State University to get my RN/BSN.”

Do you have any other certifications? ” I am certified as a Director of Nursing.”

When did you know you wanted to be a nurse? What drew you to your current position as the Administrator In Training? “I actually didn’t know it was what I truly wanted until I started clinicals in LPN school. It just clicked for me. I was a waitress throughout college, and customer service just came naturally to me.”

What brought you to Fahrney Keedy? “My mom brought me here in 2001! She was a night shift nurse here. I owe and dedicate my career here to her!”

In honor of #tbt, we want to throw it back to your first day at Fahrney Keedy. What do you remember? “I remember being so scared, nervous, and shy (yes, I was shy, but not for long). I also remember being excited to be training on the dementia unit and getting to know the residents.”

What does a day in the life look like for you? What are your duties and responsibilities? “I won’t write a novel, but my day can truly go in any direction. I come in with a plan, but I am always ready to change that plan to meet the needs of the facility. Right now, I have been spending any spare time studying for my Administrator Board exams.”

Do you have a favorite memory from your time spent working here that you would be willing to share? “I have so many, but my favorite memories revolve around celebrations. Many moons ago, we had a wedding celebration for some of the residents where they renewed their vows. I wore my wedding dress, as did some others. The residents got such a kick out of it. It was so sweet to see some of the couples who lived here renew their vows.”

This pandemic has been hard for everyone but especially for those individuals working in healthcare. How did you personally get through it? “I, like many others, have had my meltdowns, but I truly never give up. I literally tell myself every day “just keep swimming”. I signed up to care for the elderly, whether that is through good times or bad times. The virus is not going away, so I take it one day at a time, and I try not to worry myself with the future.”

Oscar Wilde once said, “with age comes wisdom”. What advice would you give to your younger self? “I would tell her to think before you speak, and most of all live in the present day and not worry so much about “what ifs”. “

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a nurse or Director of Nursing? “I would say be ready for ANYTHING, have very tough skin, be a good listener, and have true compassion and empathy for not only the residents, but employees, as well. Be ready to open your heart and your door!”

Five Second Pose!

We asked Julia five rapid fire questions to get to know her a little better:

Favorite Color – Purple

Favorite Movie – All of the Harry Potter movies

Favorite Disney Character – Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid”

Favorite Superhero – Doctor Strange

1 Fun Fact – Julia is actually a brunette, but chose to go blonde at the age of 12

(Mr. Levi Butters is Julia’s puppy and he is also one of her favorite things)

Thank you so much to Julia McGlaughlin-Wiles for sharing! Stay tuned next week when we add a new photo to our Family Album!