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Fahrney Keedy’s business is conducted by its employees, managers, and officers, under the direction of its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the oversight of the Board of Directors. Each member brings something special to the Board, whether it is experience, or simply care and concern for the elderly community. Made up of fifteen members, our Board members are from all walks of life with many years’ experience in their perspective careers. Leadership, problem solving, ministerial, and financial management are some of the skills they bring with them. Each will serve a three-year term with the potential for a second term. Our Board Members are dedicated to our mission of Enriching the Lives of Seniors.

If you are interested in learning more about our Board of Directors or becoming a Board member, please call (301) 671-5180.

Dedication and Inspiration

Our Directors

William Mitchell

Board Chair, Chair of Executive Committee

David Lyles

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Kathy Harple

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Nancy Eichelberger

Board Member

Leslie Hart

Vice Chair, Chair of Board Development

Barbara Mosser

Board Member

Wayne Brill

Board Member

Kerri Semler

Board Member, Chair of Long Range Planning & Property

Sue Graff

Board Member

Debi Park

Board Member

Dorothy Strawsburg

Board Member, Chair of Quality & HR

Dr. Aaron George

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Tyler Hornbecker

Board Member

Karen Anthony

Board Member, Chair of Finance & Fund Development

Mary Bowman

Board Member

Starla Ward

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Ex-Officio Members

Gene Hagenberger

Executive Minister Photo Coming Soon

Sara Wolfe

President of Auxiliary Photo Coming Soon


Stephen Coetzee


Julia McGlaughlin

Executive Director of Clinical Services

Chris Stockslager

CFO, Treasurer

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