A Message From Our Executive Team

July 12th, 2024 Update:

We have been keeping an eye on the rise in the number of COVID cases throughout the state. We would like to remind everyone that the best way to help combat these germs is through handwashing, social distancing, and staying home when sick.


Skilled Nursing: We continue on Outbreak status with 3 new positive staff members since last weeks’ letter. Currently, we do not have any residents in our facility on isolation for Covid.

Assisted Living and Memory Care: Off Outbreak at this time.

Testing: We are testing residents and staff who have been exposed to someone with covid, who are symptomatic and any new admissions to the facility.

Source Control Update:
Broad facility-wide source control should be implemented in all patient care areas and patient-facing healthcare settings, including outpatient and long term care, when the statewide combined weekly respiratory virus-associated hospitalization rate (as calculated by CDC) meets or exceeds 10 hospitalizations per 100,000 residents. Broad facility-wide source control can be discontinued once the combined weekly respiratory virus-associated hospitalization rate has been below 10 hospitalizations per 100,000 residents for two consecutive weeks.

Data will be posted on the MDH website weekly on Fridays.

The Current Maryland Weekly Respiratory Virus-Associated Hospitalization Rate is: 1.4

GREEN indicates less than 5.0 admissions per 100,000
YELLOW indicates between 5.0 and under 10.0 admissions per 100,000
RED indicates 10.0 admissions per 100,000 or greater

Visitors are not required to be vaccinated to visit and they are not required to show proof of vaccination. If you have been exposed to COVID-19, we ask that you not visit at this time and test yourself.

If you should test positive for COVID and have visited the facility within the last week before testing positive, please call the facility Infection Control Department and notify us of potential exposure.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Leah Miller, GNA/IP PH: 301-671-5013