9-27-2021 Covid-19 Update

September 27, 2021

Hello again,

I know I already wrote you this morning with bad news, however I must now share that we have a resident who is COVID positive. I can not share details on who the resident is. If you have not received a phone call that your loved one is positive or exposed, then you know that your loved one does not have COVID and has not been exposed.  I know this is very scary, especially for residents and family members who were not with us during our extreme outbreak in December and January. We have been through the worst, and I believe now that we have vaccines on board, unlike our last outbreak,  that we can hopefully keep this contained. COVID resident(s) are in their own unit with a separate staff member(s) from the rest of the building. At this time, we only need 1 nurse to work the covid unit as there is only one resident affected. We will be PCR testing staff and residents over the next two days. If anyone has symptoms of COVID, they will be immediately rapid tested.

*This does not include Assisted Living or Memory Care. This only affects the skilled nursing units. We will be considering compassion visits for you and your loved ones as we all know too well the isolation this brings our residents. Unfortunately with the rate of county transmission and positivity rates, we have been prepared for this scenario. Other homes in the area are affected as well as Meritus having numerous admissions with COVID, with the majority being unvaccinated. Every Wednesday the nursing home numbers are updated on maryland.gov’s website at https://coronavirus.maryland.gov/pages/hcf-resources. Most of the time the numbers include any COVID numbers since March 2020 so when it appears we have numerous cases that is not currently the case.

If you have questions or concerns, please have patience with us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Julia McGlaughlin, RN/BSN

Executive Director of Clinical Services

Fahrney Keedy