9-28-2021 Covid-19 Update

September 28, 2021

Good afternoon,

I have to report a 2nd positive resident case. Again, if you haven’t received a personal phone call, your loved one has not been exposed and is not positive. Again, please have patience with us as we are diligently working to deep clean and make room moves that make sense to keep the other residents safe and for the possibility of having to expand the COVID unit. Staff was swabbed today, and we should be getting results by tomorrow afternoon. Residents will be swabbed tomorrow. Any resident with any signs of COVID will immediately receive a rapid test. The same goes for staff. If you do not hear from me on a daily basis, please take that as good news. I only will email when we have a positive, whether it be staff or a resident.

If you would like to set up a visit through zoom, window visit, or possibly set up a compassion visit (which must be granted by nurse management) please call Activities at 3016715006 or Reception at 3016715055. Thank you all, and please stay safe.

Julia McGlaughlin, RN/BSN

Executive Director of Clinical Services

Fahrney Keedy