9-30-2021 Covid-19 Update

September 30, 2021

Good afternoon,

We received all of the resident results today, except for 1 that is pending. We have 1 new + COVID resident. We have expanded the COVID unit area. We are not taking admissions at this time, so we can focus on this outbreak and safely take care of our current residents. If you did not receive a call, your loved one is COVID negative. The COVID unit now has additional empty beds in case we have more residents convert. We will rapid test any resident who becomes symptomatic. So far, the COVID residents have had no to minimal symptoms. Another great intervention we have for COVID positive residents is the monoclonal antibody treatment.  This is provided by our pharmacy. This treatment helps decrease any symptoms and the need to go the hospital. So, we are grateful our pharmacy provides this. This is a treatment we were offered late in our large outbreak in December, that I wish we could have had from the beginning.

Again, this only affects skilled nursing and not assisted living and memory care. Stay safe and well.

Julia McGlaughlin, RN/BSN

Executive Director of Clinical Services

Fahrney Keedy